RIAT 2010 – Typhoon blows in!

The RAF Typhoon display was flown this year by Flt Lt Tim Clement. He had two aircraft at his disposal, a T.1 in 29 Sqn marks and an F.2 in 3 Sqn colours. He flew both over the weekend.

There are those who say the Typhoon display lacks dynamic impact this year. I dont! Although I do think the flat display is better for photography, the display is about showing the aircraft’s capabilities rather than providing good photographs. It has to be said though that all RAF Air Defence fighter displays seem to follow a basic format (probably by necessity). The display flown to close the days flying was a very welcome change.

Take-off is always dramatic

Flown by Flt Lt ‘Wally’ Walton and Sqn Ldr Duncan Mason a special Typhhon/Spitfire synchro display was flown at the end of each days flying. Very much in the style of the USAF Heritage Flight, but better!

This was one of the highlights of the year for me, it HAS to become a regular part of RAF displays.


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