RIAT 2010 – Helicopters

A selection of shots of the “spinning palm trees” that took part in the display.

The Dutch Air Force brought an Apache for the flying display, nicely painted in special markings for this years display season.

The display was excellent but could have been better if they had used flares. There are apparently “Health and Safety” reasons for their absence. That seems a bit of a weak excuse, they were much missed. They have been used at Fairford in the past and at other UK (and European) airshows this year

All was forgiven however when the Apache carried out a flypast with the other Dutch item in the flying display, the F-16. Its very tricky to fly the two aircraft in formation, especially when the formation turns towards the F-16!

The Dutch also sent a Cougar for the static display

A CH-53 from the German Army.

From the RAF the superb Chinook display, including the RAF Regiment.

Finally a Merlin for the static from nearby Benson.

Helicopters, so ugly the ground repels them!


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