RIAT 2010 – Fast jets and assorted pointy things

Exactly what the title says. Its RIAT so there are always plenty of fast jets and the like. Here is a selection of the aircraft that form the backbone of the show.

The French provided Alphajets from both their regular training squadrons and the Patrouille de France

They also sent Mirage 2000s for static and the Battle of Britain flypast.

Speaking of the Battle of Britain commemoration, 2 F-15Cs from the USAF 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath took part

Tornados from both Germany and the RAF, the latter featuring in the flying display with a mini-role demo.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon has been a RIAT favourite for years, this year displays came from the Dutch with their fantastic (in sunshine only) Lion scheme and the Belgians with a Psychedelic scheme that didnt work in any weather.

The Boeing F-18E display was once again shared with Farnborough. It was just a shame that they sent a plain Jane aircraft. It wasnt lucky with the weather either.

Another item that was unlucky with the weather was the usual polished display from the Swedish Air Force Gripen.

The RAF proved Hawks a plenty. We have seen the Red Arrows already and the aircraft in the flypast. Here we see those aircraft plus the display mount and the new T.2 in the static display.

someone was enjoying himself!

the M346, a Russian designed and Italian built jet trainer currently chasing orders

and a selection of the other participants, starting with the B52


Finally, possibly the last visit from an old friend. The Dominie may very well be out of service by the next show

in the next update from RIAT we will see more aircraft that were on their final visit…


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