RIAT 2010 – Harrier, the last goodbye

As soon as the SDSR was announced after the last Election I had a feeling the Harriers days were numbered. The savings mooted in the Press arent achieved by simple efficiencies they are, sadly, only possible by cutting capabilities entirely. This is not to say I agree with the decision, but we are where we are.

With this in mind, when the Harrier display was announced for RIAT I determined to record as much of it as I could. For posterity of nothing else, over the years I have shot many a Harrier display, but this was to be my last.

The display was flown by a specially marked 4 Sqn aircraft.

An unusual view

On static display were aircraft of the Naval Strike Wing

Finally, a 41Sqn machine.


The final instalment of images from RIAT will feature other aircraft that were visting Fairford for the final time


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