RIAT 2010 – last chance to see…?

For the final RIAT 2010 blog I’ll take a look at a few of the aircraft taking part for the final time (possibly). I’ve covered the RAF Dominie in an earlier update so we’ll begin with an all time classic.

F-4 Phantom

The German Air Force sent an F-4F, due out of service soon if this wasnt its last visit then its imminent . A firm favourite over the years, is it really 27 years ago since the famous F-4 line up at Greenham Common!

On arrival leaving its trademark signature


The Polish SU-22 fleet is scheduled to be retired in 2014. Welcomed as an occasional visitor to the UK on exercise it was especially welcome at RIAT. Russian hardware is getting rare nowadays, the modern day replacements dont seem to have the charm!

Hopefully the Su-22 will return before retirement.


A regular and very welcome visitor over the years, this would be the T-43’s last visit to Fairford. The 12FTW which flew the aircraft retired them on 17th September. The phrase “its only a 737” was overheard several times in the grandstand when it arrived. Well it just may be the last -200 737 you see!

I for one will miss the “pig” at RIAT.

Tornado F3

Down to a single Squadron at RAF Leuchars, the Tornado F3 will be retired in March 2011 after 27 years service (the F2 was delivered in 1984)

One of the aircraft was on static while another took part in the Battle of Britain Tribute.


Last but by no means least, March 2011 sees the retirement of the Jetstream T.2 from Royal Navy service after 32 years service. A single aircraft attended for Static display. The King Air Replacement is shortly to be delivered.


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