2010 a look back

I only started writing this blog in October, by then most of the airshow season had already finished.

Here then is a small selection of my favourite photos of the year before the Blog.

A trip to the Science Museum in February resulted (as always) in my making a bee line for the aviation gallery. Walking around looking at the aircraft exhibits, let alone the engines stacked up along the wall, its striking just how many one of a kind aircraft there are here. Two of my highlights are the sole surviving Fokker E.111

And the “ragwing” Hurricane I, the last original fabric winged example.

I had three trips to RAF Brize Norton in April. The VC10 is not far from retirement and I managed to get shots of XV109 shortly before it was flown to Bruntingthorpe for scrapping, here it is pouring on the coals (literally?) during a go-around. The noise was impressive!

Its still the best looking airliner in service, it looks fast even when its parked on the ground.

The first of the Shuttleworth Collection evening displays produced the perfect conditions to fly the Edwardians, a cool still evening. Here are the two replicas built of thhe film Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, the Avro Triplane and Bristol Boxkite.

The Spring Air Display at IWM Duxford produced numerous Hawker aircraft.

A trio of Hurricanes, Hunter F.58 Miss Demeanour, the RAF 2011 Display Hawk and the Hawker Sea Fury

Not to mention the Hawker Nimrod II

June the 6th. The D-Day anniversary show at Shuttleworth was graced by the presence of Maurice Hammond’s P-51 Janie. Seen here in a shot that is only possible at Old Warden.

While a month later, the first show of July was visited by a different North American product, the F-86 Sabre

You just cant beat Shuttleworth in the sunshine.

RIAT at RAF Fairford I have covered elsewhere on this site.

The August evening Shuttleworth display was treated to a superb display by Lee Proudfoot in Spitfire IX MH434

Peter Holloways Storch made an unusual entrance from between the trees.

Also in August it was time for the bi-annual Sywell airshow, the weather was kind and the organisation superb.

Peter Teichman put on a superb display in Hangar 11s Hurricane “Pegs”

Highlight of my year in September was a flight in Peter Holloways Storch. The aircraft is quite simply bonkers. At this point we were virtually stationary.

as ever at Shuttleworth, its all hands to the pumps when putting the aircraft away

The final Shuttleworth show started wet but dried up. The Estate is home to more than historic aircraft though, the resident Kestrel put on a show.

Peter Teichman rounded off the display in his P-51

So there you have it, a whirlwind look back at 2010. Heres to 2011.


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  1. Lancelot Barron

    Thanks for sharing those with us.

    January 3, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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