Abingdon, a very Fayre show

Has it really been 11 years since the Abingdon Air show was revived by Neil Porter and his hardy band of volunteers? This year it was graced with some good weather and the presence of a Delta Winged lady to boost the crowds, and despite the best efforts of the bureaucrats at Defence Estates it was a roaring success and raised a significant amount of money for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance, it would however been a lot more if it wasnt for a ridiculous licence fee demanded for the use of the airfield and subsequent limitations on its use.

This is what it was all about

Now on with the show!

The flying display was once again varied and made up of some of the smaller acts plying their trade on the UK airshow circuit, along with the biggest! Here is a selection of my shots from the show.

Early morning static lineup

And then the flying started.

The Superb Newcastle Jet Provost as flown by Neil McCarthy in its new paint scheme (as sponsored by Serco) contrasted really well with a Piston Provost display beforehand.

Then came the star of the show, I am no big fan of the way that the Avro Vulcan XH558 has been funded, it appears to be lurching from crisis to crisis. But you can never write it off, and almost all is forgiven when you see it in the air.

A missed approach has been added to the display this year as a finale for those locations where she cannot land.

An interesting comparison between de Havilland types, just a few years apart!

Another superb effort by Neil Porter and his team, heres hoping that they made a large about of money for the air ambulance and that next year they have an easier ride from the Civil Servants. It really would be a shame if they drive it away.


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