Flying Legends 2011 – Piston Heaven

If you were to read some of the comments on the web about this years Flying Legends airshow, you would think it was a disaster and a poorly run show. It wasnt.
What it was, however, was the usual feast of sights and sounds that have built its reputation over the years. For a serious piston head it is a must do show.

Sadly there were a couple of incidents, if you put this many aircraft into the air at one time then there are bound to be. I am not qualified to comment on how or why they occurred, so I wont. All that matters is that the correct number of pilots were drinking beer in the pilots tent after the show.

It was my first visit for a few years as I have been out of the Country on the corresponding weekends, but it hasnt changed much. It doesnt need to. My words cant describe it so I will let the pictures do the talking. But suffice to say, 4 Rolls Royce Kestrel powered Hawker Biplanes in the air at the same time…….magic.

The world famous Balbo

The Boss

Next year it is due to clash with the Royal International Air Tattoo, that is a great shame.


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