An Afternoon at Heathrow

The last time I visited London Heathrow to spend time taking pictures, I was in my early 20s and I used film. So the opportunity to spend a couple of hours photographing the airliners on approach, while not my usual aviation photographic subject, wasn’t one I was going to pass up.

Back in the 80s when I last went, no two aircraft types looked the same. They made noise and you could spot them miles away because of the smoke trails they left behind them. Now they are all soulless computer designed clones without an ounce of character between them. Then we had Tridents and 737s we now have various flavours of A320. Where there were 707s, and DC10s we now have A330s and the ungainly looking A340. At least the Boeing 767 and 777  retain some charm and the 747 is clinging on but they too are now starting to sprout the dreaded sharklets. Modern aircraft design may be more efficient but its lost its style.

That said I did have a fun hour or two, the light was superb (too good in some cases) and I started to get back into the swing of things, I haven’t so much as looked at an aircraft properly since October last year, let alone photographed one.

Here are my favourites from the afternoons shooting, there are more on the link below them. Now all I need to do is warm up!

Click on this link for more 

Boring I know but with the decline in Military aviation and the reduction in air shows due to ever more pointless Health and Safety regulations, airlines may very well be the only things left to photograph before too long.


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