Fightertown UK – Coningsby Typhoons

The United States Navy used to call NAS Miramar in California “Fightertown USA”. Here in Great Britain we have a similar base, instead of Southern California we have Lincolnshire, the delights of San Diego are replaced by Sleaford and Lincoln. I give you Fightertown UK, RAF Coningsby.

In all seriousness, it’s the HQ of the RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoon force with the OCU (29Sqn) and OEU (17Sqn) based there, as well as 2 operational squadrons numbers 3 and 11 plus the Tornados of 41Sqn who provide a test role for the Tornado force. When I was there for the BBMF PDA displays it would have been rude not to capture some of the more modern hardware as well.

Starting as you can see with the Typhoons. The photos are all very similar as I didn’t have time to move around much, so I have tried some different editing methods for variety.

Then the sun came out and a couple of 11Sqn aircraft launched to take part in the Operation Ellamy flypast. Happily they taxies right past me, which was nice!

Then the end of the days movements. The 3Sqn machine was carrying a Designator Pod under its fuselage.

The Tornados of 41Sqn also flew a couple of missions. Sadly a squadron marked aircraft didn’t fly but an unmarked example and one marked as AJ-G from 617Sqn (The Dambusters) did.

Finally, there are a number of aircraft kept on display around the airfield and I managed to photograph as many of those as possible. In fact the only one I didn’t manage to get was the Lightning in the 11Sqn shelter area.

3 Sqn Harrier.

29Sqn Lightning

On the main gate are examples of the F-4 Phantom and Tornado F3, both previous residents at RAF Coningsby

It has been about 15 years since I last visited Coningsby, I won’t leave it so long next time. Once again a bit thank you to the the people at the BBMF and RAF Coningsby for making these photos possible.


One response

  1. David B

    Another excellent portfolio. That must’ve been a fantastic visit to make!

    May 2, 2012 at 12:20 pm

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