Abingdon Fayre – Night and Day

Twas the night before the airshow and all over the field, no one was stirring, not even a group of enthusiasts with cameras and tripods, plus several sets of lights!
This years Abingdon Fayre once again raised money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, yet again Neil Porter and his team produced an excellent show for all the family. Its just a shame it was so bloody cold.

The pre show nightshoot was a welcome addition to the proceedings.

Despite the recent rains, the airfield at Abingdon drains well and so the show must go on. Here is my selection of shots from the show, including some different images from the nightshoot. Before that however, this is what it was all about.

Several of the RAF displays made their 2012 debuts at the show. The Tucano, KingAir and excellent Tutor displays operated from Abingdon, the Hawk from RAF Brize Norton. First off the KingAir, with the crew moving so fast you can hardly see them!

The Tucano in its new Jubilee scheme.

The Hawk team are yet to get their special schemed aircraft so made do with a standard black machine. A new addition for this year is a slow loop with the aircraft appearing to stall backwards over the top. The Tutor display flew what I think was the best display of the RAF aircraft. Its just a shame the aircraft is so small and I don’t have a bigger zoom on the camera. I really enjoyed watching the display rather than photographing it for a change. The RAF displays do appear to get further away each year though.

The Breitling Wingwalkers were excellent as ever. One of the hardest working teams on the display circuit, they are a great favourite of the crowds and evoke the spirit of barnstorming in their routine. Long may they continue.

The C-47 “Drag em oot” was a welcome addition, it flew a formation display with the Air Atlantique Anson before its own display, and of course it looks great in the dark.

The Pitts Pair have become the Trig Team. They still flt the Pitts Special and they are still excellent.

Tony De Bruin brought his OV-10 Bronco for the Static Park once again, and said goodby in style on Sunday evening.

It was also nice to see the practice display from the Army Lynx in the morning. Including the preflight display walk through, sadly it wasn’t powered by “Combat Fuel” though. While we are talking about helicopters, the show was supported once again by the locals, a Merlin HC.3 from RAF Benson.

A few of the other highlights, including the Catalina (a last minute addition) the OFMC P51 and locally based Hurricane R4118 owned by Peter Vacher.

A final few shots from the night before.

Finally (and I know he has an advantage), the best flying display of the weekend came from this chap. He had been hanging around all day over the crowd and in the early evening sun he put on quite a show.

Last but by no means least, thanks to Neil Porter and his magnificent team for yet again running a superb show.


One response

  1. Those photographs look superb.

    Please contact me, I am the King Air Display Manager and was at Abingdon for the show and at the night shoot.

    May 24, 2012 at 9:29 am

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