All Hail the weather – Shuttleworth August Military Pageant

It was sunny. No its cloudy. “Blimey thats a big storm!” Did someone say hail? Thats the story of the August Military Pageant at Shuttleworth.
There were thunderstorms predicted and more worryingly hail. Not good for one of a kind historic aircraft is hail!

The plan, such as it was, went out of the window when the Hail appeared in the forecast. The heavy metal aircraft were left on the flightline with the idea being that the lighter ones would be brought out and flown when required and depending on the weather. Having to drag aircraft out through the crowds though the crowds made the already hard pressed Groundcrew’s job a lot harder. And when the threatened showers arrived the work of the drivers in the vehicle parade became harder still.

The flying display began under threatening but spectacular skies with, rather aptly, the Catalina. This was followed by the Lancaster and Hangar 11 Spitfire.

Not one but 2 Ansons in the air together. Not seen the like since, well not for ages.

So far we had missed the weather, there were some large clouds nearby but for now it was press on regardless.

And then the rains came. It was all hands to the aircraft to get them inside, its times like this that the teamwork of the Shuttleworth groundcrews and engineers comes to the fore. Afterwards there began the training by a Jedi Master of his Padawan in the noble art of Steering a Traction Engine. You can smell the concentration and hear the fear in the photograph.

(I’m not saying what came from whom)


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