Shuttleworth April Flying Day – The Early Bird

Spring is here. The birds are singing, the leaves unfurling on the trees while the daffodils are blooming. May is my favourite month of the year as the Countryside comes out of its winter slumber.
But hang on, the digit on the month is still saying 4! This isnt May, its still April.

The Shuttleworth Collection got the jump on everyone this year and started the UK airshow season off a week early with the April Flying Day. The day started with beautiful sunshine, but this is England in April so it couldnt last. But that didnt stop the Engineers and Volunteers from enjoying the bright early morning sunshine as they pulled the aircraft out for their first display of the year.
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0003.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0005.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0007.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0014.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0020.jpg

Cockpits of yesteryear are very different from today. This is the Gladiator and I will try to bring more over the season.
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0036.jpg

The weather went from beautiful sun to milky white by the time the flying began. The show was opened by the traditional Vehicle Parade followed by Peter Teichman in his P-51D
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0084.jpg</a photo 13_04_28EGTH0093.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0047.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0063.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0075.jpg

Followed by the PT22 and Comper Swift with Auster and PO2, two formations you cant see anywhere else.
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0118.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0121.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0124.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0133.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0139.jpg

The whole place worked its magic despite the cloud and wind which affected the display.
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0143.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0153.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0162.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0170.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0176.jpg
Its painful to watch an Extra sometimes, especially one flown as vigorously as Chris Burkett flies his.
This was followed by Elf and Stearman (with Tutor and B2)
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0177.jpg
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0182.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0237.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0191.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0198.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0215.jpg
Provost (a beautiful pilots airplane) followed by some serious bog roll abuse by the Chipmunk preceded the show stopping Gladiator.
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0230.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0235.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0253.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0259.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0273.jpg
And then time to put them all away again. And finally, a Robin and a Dunnock showed us how to really do this flying thing!
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0262.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0282.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0289.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0266.jpg photo 13_04_28EGTH0268.jpg
 photo 13_04_28EGTH0265.jpg


2 responses

  1. YourHobby

    Hi, some really nice photgraphs on your blog, thanks for posting, Graham, YourHobby…..

    May 2, 2013 at 8:13 pm

  2. great stuff Nick! Heading towards winter here…

    May 1, 2013 at 6:43 am

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