A Spring Evening at Shuttleworth

This year, air displays at the Shuttleworth Collection appear to be like buses, nothing for ages then two come along at once. So fater last weeks season opener, we all met again at Old Warden for the first evening display of the year.

The last time I saw the BBMF’s Spitfire TE311 it was being put on the back of a trailer at RAF Abingdon in 1991! After a lot of hard work it was good to see it make its Shuttleworth display debut.
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0052.jpg

Also arriving in a pair were the Rolls Royce Kestrel engines, one in the Collections Hawker Hind the other in the resident Hawker Demon, Willy Hackett and Syt Goldspink putting on a superb display in the evening light.
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0072.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0103.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0131.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0136.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0154.jpg

Someone was going to work happy.
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0169.jpg

The CFS duo of Tiger Moth and Tutor. Superb colours in the evening light.
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0196.jpg
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0203.jpg

Someone was prepared for any eventuality
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0222.jpg

As the evening clouds rolled in the skies darkened and made displays by the Lysander, Gladiator, Storch and Triplane very atmospheric. Especially so for the Lysander considering its role with the Resistance.
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0226.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0240.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0258.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0283.jpg photo 13_05_04EGTH0293.jpg
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0257.jpg
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0304.jpg

Finally there was a spectacular sunset, sometimes this place is magic!
 photo 13_05_04EGTH0326.jpg


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