Shuttleworth June Evening show

There are few more magical events in aviation than a Shuttleworth Collection evening display. Here are my favourite shots from a rather chilly Saturday evening on the first day of June 2013.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0009_Edit.jpg

Its been a while, but this may just hint at the return of the tied formation to the displays. Currently just two aircraft (the previous lead aircraft, the Parnall Elf, being rested this year).
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0033.jpg

The Avro 504K undertaking a pre-show test flight. Only paperwork stopped it taking part in the show.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0043.jpg

The Pitts S-1ds of the Trig Team arrived from Sywell before the show, here they bask in the sun that appeared to have an appointment elsewhere during the evening.  photo 13_06_01EGTH0049.jpg

Just before the show proper began, we were treated to a trio of superb passes from Flt Lt “Parky” Parkinson in the PR.19 Spitfire from the BBMF, excellent use of the bend Sir!
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0073.jpg

Poacher turned Gamekeeper (or should that be the other way round?) Jean-Michel Munn, the Collection’s Chief Engineer proved that anyone can be a pilot by displaying Peter Holloway’s Storch.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0120.jpg

…but hang on, Chris Huckstep, who wouldnt dream of owing a spanner let alone know how to use one (Her Majesty’s Officers just do that sort of thing) takes exception to this and takes to the Sea Hurricane to put a stop to his fun.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0126.jpg

With predictable results. Heaven help him the next time he breaks an aircraft though.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0154.jpg

Peter Troy-Davis in the Rotorsport Calidus autogyro put on an excellent display, complete with dayglo hands! Well one has to comply with Health and Safety regs.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0168.jpg

The Trig boys put on their usually polished display before giving a cheery wave as they flew off back to Sywell (did someone say a party!) photo 13_06_01EGTH0205.jpg photo 13_06_01EGTH0207.jpg

Just a few dying embers of the sunset were beginning to show when the Hind and Gladiator took off.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0213.jpg

He’s behind you!
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0234.jpg

As proved by the RAF in the inter war years. Its just a big Pitts really.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0244.jpg

Back to World War One now. First it was Shakey in the Bristol F2b closely followed by Willy in the SE5a. I don’t thing I’ve seen these two aircraft fly in such a tight formation before.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0281.jpg

Stu Goldspink in the Sopwith Triplane. More fun than a 767, but the inflight catering isnt up to scratch.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0298.jpg

The Chief Pilot taxiing the Pup back to the flight line.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0328.jpg

While waiting for the visitors to depart, Paul Stone gets himself re-aquainted with the Sea Hurricane, in what was arguably the best light of the day.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0361.jpg

Bring out the Eds! Well a couple anyway. The wind dropped enough to bring out the full range of Edwardian aircraft, or so we thought. Starting with Rob Millinship in the Avro Triplane
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0403.jpg
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0422.jpg

The Chris Huckstep hopped the Deperdussin, making his first acquaintance with the Dep. Sadly after this the wind actually picked up, there was a storm brewing to the east and it appeared that this was generating the increase in wind speed. The sensible decision was taken to keep the remainder of the Eds on the ground.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0435.jpg

It could easily have been 100 years ago
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0465.jpg

And finally….

Thanks for everything Jules, good luck.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0452.jpg


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