Shuttleworth June Flying Day

The weatherman is fallible you know. For pretty much the entire week leading up to the show the good old Met Man said it would be like the second coming of Noah, then as if by magic the night before the show the forecast changed to all day cloudy.

Wrong again. What we got was a bit of everything, sunny first thing, followed by low cloud then a shower and then almost clear blue skies. I take all the credit because I went without hat (that you to the Chief Pilot for lending me his) or Sunscreen. You can all thank me later but for now, here are some photos of the day.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0018.jpg

Pushing the Hind.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0008.jpg

A thirsty Gladiator.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0016.jpg

An armful or radios
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0024.jpg

Sea Hurricane
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0025.jpg

An important briefing
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0044.jpg

The vehicle parade
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0045.jpg

Parky, snotting the airfield, again. well done that man!

 photo 13_06_16EGTH0070.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0081.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0106.jpg

Lysander landing and a happy pilot
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0165.jpg
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0170.jpg

Marvellous Miles
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0184.jpg

The Hawker duo of Demon and Hind. The sound of two Rolls Royce Kestrels echoing off the trees around the airfield is one of my favourite sounds of summer.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0274.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0292.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0357.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0365.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0385.jpg

The display debut of Peter Teichman’s P-40M “Lulu-Belle” in its new colours. I’m rather glad he didnt chose a Sharkmouth scheme (even if I do really like the 112Sqn desert colours). I first saw this design in the Arco-Aircam Sharkmouth volume. It looks fantastic.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0268.jpg
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0215.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0413.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0548.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0581.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0606.jpg

And then in formation with the Sea Hurricane
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0455.jpg

 photo 13_06_16EGTH0462.jpg

 photo 13_06_16EGTH0503.jpg

Back in time now to World War One and the rotarys go first. Sopwiths Triplane and Pup followed by the SE5a and the F2b.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0689.jpg
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0649.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0668.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0744.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0779.jpg photo 13_06_16EGTH0808.jpg

And finally the main display was closed by Mark Jefferies in his Extra 330C. Bonkers!
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0856.jpg

 photo 13_06_16EGTH0853.jpg

And then alas I had to leave. The Avro Triplane was flown in wonderful light later in the evening when the wind had died down enough.

Next up is the big one, The Shuttleworth Military Pageant on June 30th.


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