The Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2013

At long last a sunny airshow at Shuttleworth. It was too windy for the Edwardians and the World War 1 aircraft, but the rest of the display more than made up for that.
It begins, as ever, early in the morning….
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0017.jpg

 photo 13_06_30EGTH0003.jpg
While everyone concentrated on putting a nut in the engine (no its not the nut on the top of the step) the real nut was standing alongside.
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0032.jpg
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0033.jpg

The proceedings begin as ever with the historic vehicles (and drivers)
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0046_Edit.jpg
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0055.jpg
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0061.jpg

Followed by the historic pilots (my the hat shop did do a roaring trade this week)
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0057.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0064.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0067.jpg
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0068.jpg

The Flying Display
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0105.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0115.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0124.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0138.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0145.jpg

 photo 13_06_30EGTH0184.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0201.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0216.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0241.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0298.jpg

Spitfire and Hurricane against a blue backdrop, British Summers can be wonderful
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0357.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0452.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0523.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0529.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0537.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0567.jpg

The Lancaster
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0546.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0606.jpg
round the Shuttleworth bend in the summer sun, perfection

 photo 13_06_30EGTH0632.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0638.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0704.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0724.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0764.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0839.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0846.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0852.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0931.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH0964.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH1014.jpg

And finally the marvellous Hawker Hunter.
 photo 13_06_30EGTH1032.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH1079.jpg photo 13_06_30EGTH1096.jpg

A wonderful day in the sun, can we have more please.

For Trevor.


One response

  1. Superb, Nick.

    July 2, 2013 at 10:26 pm

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