A Perfect Summers Evening.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the past few years in the UK have not provided us with the most clement of weather. This is particularly true if you are trying to put on a flying display consisting of some of the worlds oldest and rarest aircraft, but in the week leading up to the event the forecast seemed set fair and on the day (for once) the Met man was spot on.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0002.jpg

 photo 13-07-06EGTH0030.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0026.jpgThere is no finer display venue on the planet than The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden and when the sun is out its at it’s finest. The windsock was untroubled all afternoon and we were treated to some superb flying from unique aircraft.
We started with the Lympne Trails aircraft. The ANECII and Wren where two of the aircraft entered, the de Havilland Moth was the aircraft that eventually went into production as a result of the lessons learnt at the Trials.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0117.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0168.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0172.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0193.jpg
Next, it was time (for the second show on the trot) to get Yakking, this time the Yak-11 from Mark Rijkse
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0330.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0346.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0354.jpg

Its been ages since the Royal Navy Historic Flight have graced the Bedfordshire skies. The Sea Fury returned with Chris Götke at the helm, first for a Flypast with the Sea Hurricane (Flown by Chris Huckstep) then for a few wonderfully low and fast passes round the bend, Can you see the Sea Fury through the Trees? He gave us a wave on his last pass!
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0382.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0394.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0478.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0496.jpg

Then the Sea Hurricane took the stage, two Sidney Camm designs 5 years apart.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0506.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0527.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0546.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0583.jpg
Even the Engineers stopped and watched. Spare a thought for these chaps, that was a hot day yesterday and they were on the go non stop from midday until 10pm. Without their dedication the show doesn’t happen.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0615.jpg

The wind at recent shows has put paid the displays by the Rotary engined aircraft, as I said earlier however the wind was absent at this show so we had (almost) the full set. Starting with the Avro 504 in its first display in its new colours and Rob Millinship’s first display in a Rotary. It was fantastic.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0645.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0668.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0684.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0741.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0748.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0761.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0767.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0789.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0834.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0894.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH0915.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0961.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0977.jpg

A perfect evening for the Edwardians. The Boxkite and Avro Triplane displays were followed by the Deperdussin and Bleriot, the latter sadly misbehaving and not making it into the air. Finally the Blackburn Monoplane, the magic of Shuttleworth in full effect.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1035.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1021.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1052.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1068.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1077.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1114.jpg
I wonder if the Dep ever did catch the Geese?
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1176.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1134.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1142.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1151.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1179.jpg photo 13-07-06EGTH1223.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1252.jpg

And finally time to put the aircraft away to bed.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1273.jpg
 photo 13-07-06EGTH1275.jpg

If you were anywhere else on Saturday, you were at an airshow that simply wasnt as good as this.


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