Flying Legends 2013

Flying Legends 2013 marked the end of an era. Stephen Grey, owner of TFC whose show it essentially is, marked bios final public display before stepping down from display flying.

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0092.jpg

There isnt really much more to say about Europe’s premier warbird display apart from WOW! The numbers of aircraft displaying may have been down on previous years, but quite frankly it didnt matter. The flying was superb and and spectacular as ever.
There have been criticisms levelled at the show because the aircraft are quite often far away. There are basically two display lines for some acts, meaning that those that display on the far line are at quite a distance from the crowd. While its true that this makes photography difficult, this year, rather than trying to shoot the impossible I did a rare thing for me and actually watched the displays. And you know, I quite enjoyed it.
The distance from the crowed means that pretty much the whole display can be seen without looking up into the (bright and hazy) sky. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anyway on with the photos, beginning with the flightline walk (complete with re-enactors).
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0027.jpg
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0009.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0014.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0019.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0032.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0002.jpg

The flying. I hope the pictures speak for themselves. If I had one highlight it would be the two Gladiators in formation. There was a time that I never thought it would happen and who knows, soon there may be three!

The Boss in his final display
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0055.jpg
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0043.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0104.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0125.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0150.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0152.jpg
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0131.jpg

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0187.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0190.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0194.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0218.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0249.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0259.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0280.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0302.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0308.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0323.jpg
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0333.jpg

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0346.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0352.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0373.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0381.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0417.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0475.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0485.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0506.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0527.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0560.jpg

My personal highlight, two Gladiators in formation. Magical.
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0605.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0613.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0640.jpg

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0576.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0697.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0727.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0745.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0752.jpg

The ex Wanaka, New Zealand Hawker Hurricane, now resident in France joined with 3 Kestrel engined Hawkers for a unique formation.
 photo 13-07-14EGSU0664.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0782.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0806.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0820.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0841.jpg

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0869.jpg

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0932.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0972.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU0978.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1057.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1065.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1085.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1102.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1134.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1162.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1169.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1177.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1287.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1298.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1335.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1340.jpg photo 13-07-14EGSU1287.jpg

The next generation flew the Joker slot.
 photo 13-07-14EGSU1360.jpg

I have read that British airshows are in terminal decline. I have one word to describe that point one view. Bullshit!

A very big thank you to everyone who made the show what it was and to the Marsh posse, thanks for reminding this grizzled old enthusiast what being enthusiastic about airshows is; and to enjoy a show for what it is, an air display not a photographic exercise. Oh and the dry wipe white board was genius!


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