50 Glorious Years

The early September show this year celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Shuttleworth Collection opening to the public for the first time.
Rather than wax lyrical with the history with this wonderful collection, I’ll just get on with the photos.

 photo 13-09-01EGTH0055.jpg

Over the years, nothing would have happened at Old Warden without the small army of staff and volunteers who turn up once every two weeks in the summer months and make the show happen.
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0010.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0012.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0015.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0017.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0020.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0023.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0026.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0027.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0028.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0035.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0039.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0047.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0050.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0051.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0052.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0053.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0101.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0217.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0340.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0472.jpg

On with the flying.

 photo 13-09-01EGTH0070.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0084.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0092.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0110.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0133.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0137.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0145.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0160.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0206.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0234.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0258.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0239.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0262.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0271.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0291.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0309.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0370.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0376.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0389.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0400.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0429.jpg

We had our very own Richard Shuttleworth re-enactor
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0476.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0342.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0571.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0349.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0357.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0459.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0463.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0482.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0503.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0491.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0515.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0520.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0528.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0531.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0552.jpg

The Sea Hurricane has been de-Pigeoned after its unfortunate collision at the last show. A lot of hard work by the Collection’s engineering staff meant that she was on the flightline ready for the show. The patch still needs a little paint, but shes airworthy and proudly wears a kill marking.
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0001.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0011.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0747.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0793.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0645.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0650.jpg photo 13-09-01EGTH0709.jpg
 photo 13-09-01EGTH0724.jpg

Heres to another 50 years.


2 responses

  1. Andy Wright

    Stunning as always.

    September 15, 2013 at 10:58 pm

  2. Superb. Good to see Rex getting right into the swing of things, as per…

    September 15, 2013 at 6:13 pm

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