Return of the Mew Gull – Shuttleworth Seasons end.

It was the final display of the Shuttleworth display season, early on a beautiful sunny morning appearing from a cloudless sky, the Mew Gull arrived home.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0054.jpg

77 Years after its first flight, and after many successful years flying from Breighton, the Mew Gull G-AEXF has been bought by the Shuttleworth Collection and will be based at Old Warden. A perfect partner for dH Comet G-ACSS, the weather couldnt have been better as it flew a couple of circuits before executing a perfect landing in front of its welcoming committee. I cant think of a better place for it to be.

 photo 13-10-06EGTH0037.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0062.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0075.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0088.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0102.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0110.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0115.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0127.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0130.jpg

The view isnt much to talk about, then imagine sitting in this cockpit for hours on end, with just a compass and a stopwatch to navigate by. An amazing feat of endurance.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0131.jpg

 photo 13-10-06EGTH0132.jpg

There was still an airshow to prepare for, and the Engioneers had earlier set about the job of bringing the aircraft to the flight line and preparing them for the show.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0001.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0003.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0007.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0018.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0022.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0025.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0142.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0148.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0152.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0154.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0155.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0203.jpg

Then on with the flying.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0175.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0180.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0197.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0205.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0208.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0236.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0228.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0252.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0257.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0261.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0262.jpg

A very sedate air race
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0296.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0276.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0291.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0301.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0303.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0312.jpg

“Hang on, you want me to shoot you down?”
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0314.jpg

Then two superb displays by the Edge 540 and the Rotorsport Calidus gyrocopter, each masters of the art of entertainment.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0320.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0326.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0350.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0363.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0411.jpg

These guys have seen it all before.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0418.jpg

Time for aircraft from an earlier age, as the smell of burnt castor oil drifted through the air.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0426.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0443.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0450.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0462.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0478.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0487.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0515.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0546.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0551.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0563.jpg
While Archie brings home a Pup
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0568.jpg

This is Spartan! With an Anson that is…
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0565.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0567.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0576.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0587.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0598.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0613.jpg

Avro Tutor and Hawker Hind
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0635.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0653.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0661.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0675.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0686.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0724.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0730.jpg

The lovely Letov
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0682.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0747.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0758.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0766.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0769.jpg

Back to the First World War and a first display by Peter Holloway in the Bristol F2b
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0786.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0791.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0798.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0828.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0845.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0858.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0873.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0884.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0888.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0915.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0929.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0953.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0963.jpg

From the sublime to the sublimer
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0980.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH0990.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH1013.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH1040.jpg photo 13-10-06EGTH1060.jpg

3 Racers
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1066.jpg

And then another “race” this time between and Edwardian aircraft and an Edwardian motorcycle. the Aurora flew down the flightline as the Avro Triplane flew overhead. An amazing sight and one that can only be seen at Shuttleworth
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1084.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1108.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1136.jpg

And then to put the new Arrival and the rest of the aircraft to bed for the winter.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1151.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1153.jpg
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1157.jpg

A very big thank you has to go to the staff and volunteers of the Shuttleworth Collection for putting on a superb airshow season, and for putting up with me shoving a camera in their faces all year. Despite all the obstacles that were thrown in their way it was a memorable season.

A fitting final photo.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH1160.jpg


One response

  1. Geoffrey Brimson

    Beautiful photographs,thank you.I am looking forward to a return visit to Shuttleworth next June/July from the land of Oz

    October 22, 2013 at 11:43 pm

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