My first Air Tattoo was at Greenham Common in 1981, its been an annual fixture in my life since then. For me its a week in the countryside, away from work and with good friends who I normally only see once a year. The aircraft participation has changed over the years, the glory days of the 1990s are long gone now, there are aviation enthusiasts out there who would do well to realise that.

I’ll use this page to post links to my posts on the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.

RIAT 2012

Part 1 – Treasures of the Orient

RIAT 2011

2011 Part 1 – Of smoke Trails and JetA1 – focus on the display teams

2011 Part 2 – Tigers and Hogs – A10 and Tiger Meet

2011 Part 3 – The Home Team Jets in

2011 Part 4 – The Afterburn

RIAT 2010

Return of the Raptor

Patrouille Suisse – Swiss Air Force display Team

Red Arrows

Typhoon Solo display and Typhoon/Spitfire synchro pair

Battle of Britain Salute

Helicopter displays, Apache and Chinook flying

Fast Jets

Trash haulers and support aircraft

Harrier farewell

Last chance to see……


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