Uncovered, unrivalled – Shuttleworth’s finest show of the year

Once a year they do things a bit differently at The Shuttleworth Collection. Instead of on the airfield, the aircraft are lined up on the paddock, available for close inspection. Its my favourite show of the year.
 photo 13-09-22EGTH0197.jpg



The Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2013

At long last a sunny airshow at Shuttleworth. It was too windy for the Edwardians and the World War 1 aircraft, but the rest of the display more than made up for that.
It begins, as ever, early in the morning….
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0017.jpg

Shuttleworth June Evening show

There are few more magical events in aviation than a Shuttleworth Collection evening display. Here are my favourite shots from a rather chilly Saturday evening on the first day of June 2013.
 photo 13_06_01EGTH0009_Edit.jpg

End of a season, end of an era – Shuttleworth Autumn Airshow 2012 (with added Haiku)

The leaves are turning
Like Canute’s tide the winter hastens
They come a final time

This was the end of a tough season and also the end of an era. After the early season wash out and the tragedy in July, from August onwards its been classic Shuttleworth all the way. But now friends gathered for the final time this year to close out the season and mark the end of an era. it was time to say goodbye to Tony Haig-Thomas as he retired as Aviation Trustee. Tony’s influence has been quite simple. Without his guidance and stewardship you wouldnt be reading this. For The Shuttleworth Collection would have ceased to exist as a flying museum long ago.