Shuttleworth Sea Hurricane – A picture recreated.

Every picture tells a story, and its all part of the fun to try to research what that story is and put the pieces together to bring that story to life. When, however the picture, story and subjects can be brought together for a recreation over 70 years later than that is too good an opportunity to miss.

This is exactly what happened at the Shuttleworth Collection Flying Day on July 28th.
 photo 13-07-28EGTH0055.jpg

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Flying Legends 2013

Flying Legends 2013 marked the end of an era. Stephen Grey, owner of TFC whose show it essentially is, marked bios final public display before stepping down from display flying.

 photo 13-07-14EGSU0092.jpg
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A Perfect Summers Evening.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the past few years in the UK have not provided us with the most clement of weather. This is particularly true if you are trying to put on a flying display consisting of some of the worlds oldest and rarest aircraft, but in the week leading up to the event the forecast seemed set fair and on the day (for once) the Met man was spot on.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0002.jpg
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The Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2013

At long last a sunny airshow at Shuttleworth. It was too windy for the Edwardians and the World War 1 aircraft, but the rest of the display more than made up for that.
It begins, as ever, early in the morning….
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0017.jpg
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