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Abingdon Fayre – Night and Day

Twas the night before the airshow and all over the field, no one was stirring, not even a group of enthusiasts with cameras and tripods, plus several sets of lights!
This years Abingdon Fayre once again raised money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, yet again Neil Porter and his team produced an excellent show for all the family. Its just a shame it was so bloody cold.

The pre show nightshoot was a welcome addition to the proceedings.



Abingdon, a very Fayre show

Has it really been 11 years since the Abingdon Air show was revived by Neil Porter and his hardy band of volunteers? This year it was graced with some good weather and the presence of a Delta Winged lady to boost the crowds, and despite the best efforts of the bureaucrats at Defence Estates it was a roaring success and raised a significant amount of money for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance, it would however been a lot more if it wasnt for a ridiculous licence fee demanded for the use of the airfield and subsequent limitations on its use.

This is what it was all about

Now on with the show!