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Treasures of the Orient – RIAT 2012 part 1

This Years Royal International Air Tattoo was a classic, in fact it was the best this century. The ladies and Gentlemen at Douglas Bader House excelled themselves, gone were the Z-list “singers” and other side shows that distracted from the prime reason for the event. Instead it was back to basics and what we had, was a superb air show.

Aided considerably by this being a Farnborough year, in attendance this year were aircraft from no less than 3 nations that were new to the event, in this first blog I have a look at the aircraft from two of those nations. Japan and firstly Korea.



RIAT 2011 Part 4 – the afterburn.

Its been a while since my last installment from the Royal International Air Tattoo so its probably about time I wrapped things up for this year.

There were several F-16 displays this year. The Turkish Air Force made a rare appearance in their anniversary year. After, so I am told, a spectacular display in their own country they flew a somewhat toned down version at RIAT. A very welcome addition to the flying display.


RIAT 2011 Part 3 – the home team jets in

With the RAF Typhoon Display Team  busy using their aircraft for what it was intended, BAE Systems stepped in to provide the Typhoon Display this year.  Add to that the appearance of the Tornado role demo from the RAF and the shows major sponsor was well represented in the flying display. Not to be outdone, the RAF’s newest aircraft the A330 “Voyager” was present at its first Tattoo. Star Trek anyone?


RIAT 2011 Part 2 – Tigers and Hogs

For the second installment of my RIAT blog I shall concentrate on some spectacularly painted aircraft and one “Ugly but well hung” visitor from the USAF.

It was a Tiger Meet year so RIAT tried to persuade as many of the Tiger Squadrons to attend as possible with their specially painted jets, with some success. They were also lucky enough to be allocated a display from the USAF A-10 West Demo Team. Read on…. (more…)