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A Perfect Summers Evening.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the past few years in the UK have not provided us with the most clement of weather. This is particularly true if you are trying to put on a flying display consisting of some of the worlds oldest and rarest aircraft, but in the week leading up to the event the forecast seemed set fair and on the day (for once) the Met man was spot on.
 photo 13-07-06EGTH0002.jpg


Shuttleworth June Flying Day

The weatherman is fallible you know. For pretty much the entire week leading up to the show the good old Met Man said it would be like the second coming of Noah, then as if by magic the night before the show the forecast changed to all day cloudy.

Wrong again. What we got was a bit of everything, sunny first thing, followed by low cloud then a shower and then almost clear blue skies. I take all the credit because I went without hat (that you to the Chief Pilot for lending me his) or Sunscreen. You can all thank me later but for now, here are some photos of the day.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0018.jpg

End of a season, end of an era – Shuttleworth Autumn Airshow 2012 (with added Haiku)

The leaves are turning
Like Canute’s tide the winter hastens
They come a final time

This was the end of a tough season and also the end of an era. After the early season wash out and the tragedy in July, from August onwards its been classic Shuttleworth all the way. But now friends gathered for the final time this year to close out the season and mark the end of an era. it was time to say goodbye to Tony Haig-Thomas as he retired as Aviation Trustee. Tony’s influence has been quite simple. Without his guidance and stewardship you wouldnt be reading this. For The Shuttleworth Collection would have ceased to exist as a flying museum long ago.


All Hail the weather – Shuttleworth August Military Pageant

It was sunny. No its cloudy. “Blimey thats a big storm!” Did someone say hail? Thats the story of the August Military Pageant at Shuttleworth.
There were thunderstorms predicted and more worryingly hail. Not good for one of a kind historic aircraft is hail!