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Uncovered, unrivalled – Shuttleworth’s finest show of the year

Once a year they do things a bit differently at The Shuttleworth Collection. Instead of on the airfield, the aircraft are lined up on the paddock, available for close inspection. Its my favourite show of the year.
 photo 13-09-22EGTH0197.jpg



50 Glorious Years

The early September show this year celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Shuttleworth Collection opening to the public for the first time.
Rather than wax lyrical with the history with this wonderful collection, I’ll just get on with the photos.

 photo 13-09-01EGTH0055.jpg

Catch the Pigeon – Shuttleworth August Flying Day

Life imitates art, well almost. Those of you of a certain age will remember the cartoon featuring Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttley chasing the mailbag carrying Pigeon. Well at The Shuttleworth Collection on 11th August the pigeon got caught.

That however was a minor part of what was a superb flying display, one of the highlights of which was a superb pairs display by the Hind and Demon. Its just a shame that the high winds stopped the lighter aircraft from flying
 photo 13-08-11EGTH0029.jpg


The Shuttleworth Collection Military Pageant 2013

At long last a sunny airshow at Shuttleworth. It was too windy for the Edwardians and the World War 1 aircraft, but the rest of the display more than made up for that.
It begins, as ever, early in the morning….
 photo 13_06_30EGTH0017.jpg