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HMS Vindex

HMS Vindex was an Escort Carrier in the Royal Navy. Commissioned in 1943 it was originally laid down as a refrigerated cargo ship but was finally launched in May 1943 as an Escort Carrier.

The late father of a very close friend of mine served on her from late 44 until the end of the war. I have been given access to his photo albums and below are a sample. I believe he was an aircraft electrician although I am unsure which Squadron he was attached to, there are pictures of Swordfish and Wildcats which served on HMS Vindex with 825 Naval Air Squadron

The Squadron posed with a Swordfish



Special Tails and Strobes! Harrier farewell (part2)

As part of the retirement “celebrations” for the Harrier two aircraft have been painted with commemorative tails. Having deployed to Ark Royal a few days before they were due back on the 24th. A trip to Cottesmore (my last) was in order.

First launch of the day.