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Shuttleworth June Flying Day

The weatherman is fallible you know. For pretty much the entire week leading up to the show the good old Met Man said it would be like the second coming of Noah, then as if by magic the night before the show the forecast changed to all day cloudy.

Wrong again. What we got was a bit of everything, sunny first thing, followed by low cloud then a shower and then almost clear blue skies. I take all the credit because I went without hat (that you to the Chief Pilot for lending me his) or Sunscreen. You can all thank me later but for now, here are some photos of the day.
 photo 13_06_16EGTH0018.jpg


A Pageant of two halves – Shuttleworth in July

I have said it before and I will do so again. There is no finer place for an Airshow than Old Warden on a calm sunny day and it was a calm sunny morning that greeted staff and volunteers as they began to pull aircraft from the hangars on the morning of one of the biggest shows held by during the season. The Military Pageant.

The general idea is to pull every aircraft out of the hangar that has Military colours on it, and fly them. Thats the plan anyway.

That said it was a nice to see the DH51 outside in her new temporary colours

The rest of the hangars were emptied in quick order leaving the satisfying sight of an empty hangar and giving the chance to have a close look in some of the display cabinets. I’d love to see Spitfires in those colours!

On with the show… (more…)