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Lest We Forget – The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

George Santayana the Spanish philosopher and essayist is responsible for two of my favourite literary quotes. They are “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. And, because presumably no one paid much attention to those words he is also credited with “only the dead have seen the end of war.”

The poignancy of these words is not lost on me each time I see the aircraft of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll have read of a previous encounter with the Lancaster. The sight and sound of the aircraft of the flight stirs my emotions like practically nothing else; so an invite to photograph their Public Display Authorisation displays at RAF Coningsby was a very pleasant surprise.



Shuttleworth Pageant – The Duckworth-Lewis airshow

Have you heard the one about the airshow that thought it was a Cricket Match? The Shuttleworth Pageant this year (as an aside did you know that Old Warden is the home of village Cricket?) did. The traditional cricket match rain did its best to stop play, however the improving weather forecast prompted a (as it turned out) very wise delay in proceedings by an hour. By which time the rain had cleared, shortly followed by the cloud.

The damp, nay even soaking wet morning didnt put the hardy band of staff and volunteers from putting on a cracking show. (more…)

Foxy Lady – The Sea Vixen at Oxford

I wasnt planning to go to the Fly to the Past event at Kidlington Airport north of Oxford. However when the Vulcan cancelled during the week due to a fuel leak which, despite the best efforts of its dedicated and hard working engineering team, couldnt be fixed in time. The organisers swiftly replaced the aviation equivalent of Bloatware (i.e. a great product but it comes with lots of unnecessary rubbish) with the Sea Vixen my mind was swiftly changed.

The show itself was a bit of a Curates Egg. The plan was to intermix live action with pre-recorded montages on big screens overylaying live action of the flying display. This involved obscuring the paying public’s view of the action. A nice idea that didnt quite work.

But that didnt detract from the Sea Vixen (notr the rest of the flying acts as long as you could dodge the screens and see them), read on for a selection of shots from my favourite displays from the day (more…)

A Pageant of two halves – Shuttleworth in July

I have said it before and I will do so again. There is no finer place for an Airshow than Old Warden on a calm sunny day and it was a calm sunny morning that greeted staff and volunteers as they began to pull aircraft from the hangars on the morning of one of the biggest shows held by during the season. The Military Pageant.

The general idea is to pull every aircraft out of the hangar that has Military colours on it, and fly them. Thats the plan anyway.

That said it was a nice to see the DH51 outside in her new temporary colours

The rest of the hangars were emptied in quick order leaving the satisfying sight of an empty hangar and giving the chance to have a close look in some of the display cabinets. I’d love to see Spitfires in those colours!

On with the show… (more…)