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Return of the Mew Gull – Shuttleworth Seasons end.

It was the final display of the Shuttleworth display season, early on a beautiful sunny morning appearing from a cloudless sky, the Mew Gull arrived home.
 photo 13-10-06EGTH0054.jpg


A tale of 3 images.

Part of the fun in digital photography from my point of view is editing the shots afterwards. For this blog I have chosen 3 images and processed them to produce a different effect on each image.

Mew Gull

Percival Mew Gull G-AEXF seen here taking off during the Sywell Airshow on 22nd August 2010. This iconic little aircraft now owned by the Real Aeroplane Company at Breighton in Yorkshire was taking part in a “mock” handicapped air race as part of the show. I really like this shot as it conveys the speed of the aircraft and it could have been taken at any time since it was built (airframe mods excepting). It illustrates the awful forwards view from the cockpit, the aircraft essentially being a flying fuel tank designed for flying from A to B as quickly as possible.

I have tried to wash out the shot as much as possible so that it has a period look. I’ve processed 2 more shots in slightly different ways