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Special Tails and Strobes! Harrier farewell (part2)

As part of the retirement “celebrations” for the Harrier two aircraft have been painted with commemorative tails. Having deployed to Ark Royal a few days before they were due back on the 24th. A trip to Cottesmore (my last) was in order.

First launch of the day.



RIAT 2010 – Harrier, the last goodbye

As soon as the SDSR was announced after the last Election I had a feeling the Harriers days were numbered. The savings mooted in the Press arent achieved by simple efficiencies they are, sadly, only possible by cutting capabilities entirely. This is not to say I agree with the decision, but we are where we are.

With this in mind, when the Harrier display was announced for RIAT I determined to record as much of it as I could. For posterity of nothing else, over the years I have shot many a Harrier display, but this was to be my last.

The display was flown by a specially marked 4 Sqn aircraft.


RIAT – Heavy Haulers and other visitors

Fighter pilots mate movies, bomber pilots make history, transport pilots bring the beer!

A selection of the transport aircraft at the show, be they static display or support aircraft.

The Airbus A400M made its UK airshow debut. The damp conditions created show interesting propwash vapour, the 2 engines on each wing turn in opposite directions creating some fun aerodynamics


RIAT 2010 – Fast jets and assorted pointy things

Exactly what the title says. Its RIAT so there are always plenty of fast jets and the like. Here is a selection of the aircraft that form the backbone of the show.

The French provided Alphajets from both their regular training squadrons and the Patrouille de France