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A prospect of Edwardians – Shuttleworth Evening Display

One could be forgiven for thinking Shuttleworth Air Displays were like buses, you dont have one for weeks then two turn up almost at once! Thankfully though, they are more punctual than public transport and are an altogether more pleasant experience. The August Evening Display at the Shuttleworth Collection provided a cornucopia of air-borne delights, some almost as old as manned flight itself.

To twist another analogy, as far as Shuttleworth is concerned, you cannot have too much of a good thing. Especially when the wind drops and the Eds come out. (more…)


May Day in Russian!

The First day of May, a big day of celebration in Russia. In fact in Russia, May Day is officially called “The Day of Spring and Labour”. This is a happy coincidence because after 8 years “Hard Labour” at The Shuttleworth Collection the Russian built Polikarpov PO2 was ready for its first display, on May Day, at the Spring Air Display (do you see what I did there?).

There were celebrations planned to mark the first display of the PO2 at Old Warden, but first there was work to do before the sell out crowd arrived at the Aerodrome.
Read on for more of the days fun and games.

Shuttleworth Training Week 2011

After the long winter layoff, the skies above Bedfordshire (and indeed the worlds) finest airshow location burst back into life for its annual Training Week in April.

There have been a few changes in the close season, Dodge Bailey is now Chief Pilot in place of Trevor Roche who stays on as a Collection Pilot. There are two new “sprog” pilots joining the team. More significantly one of them is making history (more of that later). After a complete restoration since its arrival in 2003, the Polikarpov Po2 will take part in its first displays this year and was the star turn of the week. The Comper Swift too has been the subject of much work to wings and engine and is now, literally, back up to speed. Over 100 sorties were generated throughout the week with no major unservicabilities which is a testament to the hard work of the Engineers over the winter.

The star of the week was the Po2. Now finished in a Russian camouflage scheme it looks magnificent. Not the most powerful of aircraft, Dodge reckons it can do everything a Storch can do! Indeed it was seen to “stop” over the airfield while flying into the stiff wind that blew during the first couple of days.